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Monads and Asynchronous Ajax with Javascript

Monads are often seen as a very basic part of the language for haskellers and something completely obscure for programmers which use other, especially non-functional, languages. Even lispers and schemers tend not to use them consciously to any great extent, even though they can help with a number of common problems that occur - perhaps most obviously with functions returning nil in a chain of compositions.

Monads, or Kleisli triples have a formal mathematical meaning which requires satisfaction of a few basic axioms. However, we can understand them fairly simply as a pattern which involves a bind operator which allows us to compose our monad objects, and a unit operator which allows us to lift a value up into one of monad objects.

MonadPlus extends this pattern and allows us a new type of composition +, and a new unit, called mzero that is somewhat like "plus" in the sense that + doesn't do anything when composed mzero.

MonadPlus turns out to be an excellent settin…